Focusing the Image with the Optional Short Throw Lens

If the optional short throw lens (ELPLU01) is installed and the lens has been shifted using the lens shift option, you can focus the image using the distortion and focus rings.
  1. Turn on the projector and display an image.
    Note: You can display a pattern to aid in adjusting the projected image using the Settings menu.
  2. Carefully rotate the distortion ring counter-clockwise until it cannot go any further.

    Note: Be careful not to shift the short throw lens when adjusting it to prevent the projected image from shifting.
  3. Support the front of the lens with one hand and use the other to carefully rotate the focus ring until the image around the lens projection axis is focused.

  4. Rotate the distortion ring until the area around the edges of the image is also focused.

  5. Rotate the focus ring again to focus the entire screen image.
  6. If the area around the lens projection axis is out of focus, rotate the distortion ring again to bring the area into focus.
Note: When using the short throw lens, make sure ELPLU01 is selected for the Lens Type setting in the Extended menu so that keystone adjustments are performed correctly. If the image has shifted after making adjustments, re-position the image using lens shift. When adjusting the image height, position the image lower than where you want it to be and then move it up using the vertical lens shift dial. This will help prevent the image from moving down after adjustment.
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