Projector Feature Settings - Settings Menu

Options on the Settings menu let you customize various projector features.

Setting Options Description
Geometric Correction H/V-Keystone

Quick Corner

Arc Correction

(PowerLite Pro G6050W/G6150/G6450WU/G6550WU/G6750WU)

Point Correction

Curved Surface

(PowerLite Pro G6800/G6900WU)

Corner Wall

(PowerLite Pro G6800/G6900WU)

Adjusts the projected image shape

H/V Keystone: lets you manually correct the angles of the horizontal and vertical sides

Quick Corner: select to adjust the position of the four corners

Arc Correction: select to adjust the curve or arc of the horizontal and vertical sides

Point Correction: select to display a grid and finely adjust the image position

Curved Surface: select to adjust the image when projecting on a curved surface

Corner Wall: select to adjust the image when projecting on a surface with a right angle

Split Screen Divides the viewing area horizontally and displays two images side-by-side; while in Split Screen mode, press Menu to display the Split Screen options or Esc to cancel split screen display
Control Panel Lock Full Lock

Partial Lock


Controls projector button locking to secure the projector

Full Lock: locks all buttons

Partial Lock: locks all buttons except the power button

Off: no buttons locked

Power Consumption Normal

Temp Interlock


Selects the brightness mode of the projector lamp

Normal: sets maximum lamp brightness

Temp Interlock: automatically dims the lamp if the surrounding temperature is too high for normal operation

ECO: reduces lamp brightness and fan noise, and saves power and lamp life

Volume Varying levels available Adjusts the volume of the projector’s speaker system
Remote Receiver Front/Rear




Limits reception of remote control signals by the selected receiver; Off turns off all receivers
User Button User1



Assigns a menu option to the User1, User2, and User3 buttons on the remote control for one-touch access
Test Pattern Displays a test pattern to assist in adjusting the image; press the left or right arrow buttons on the remote control or Enter on the control panel to cycle through the available test patterns, or Esc to cancel pattern display
Memory Load Memory

Save Memory

Erase Memory

Rename Memory

Save customized sets of settings to memory