Attaching and Removing the Cable Clips

You can install the cable clips that came with your projector to provide additional support to the power and HDMI cables.
Note: The PowerLite Pro G6050W, G6150, G6450WU, G6550WU, and G6750WU models come with one cable clip to use with the HDMI cable.
  1. Plug in the power and HDMI cables.
  2. Insert the end of the cable clip anchors into the cable clip slots near the power inlet and HDMI port.

    1 Cable clip slot
    2 Cable clip anchor
    3 Cable clip
  3. Place the open cable clips around the power and HDMI cables, but don't lock them into place.
  4. Slide each cable clip onto the anchors and lock the clips onto the power and HDMI connectors as shown.
To remove the cable clips, open the clips and disconnect the cables. Then pinch the sides of each cable clip anchor and carefully pull them out of the cable clip slots.
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