Copy a Document, Photo, or CD/DVD Design : Restore, Crop, or Copy Multiple Photos

Restore, Crop, or Copy Multiple Photos
You can copy photos onto 4 × 6-inch, 5 × 7-inch, 8 × 10-inch, or letter-size Epson special paper (various types available) for instant photo reprints. You can restore the colors in faded photos, convert color photos to black-and-white, and crop your photos.
Load 4 × 6-inch or 5 × 7-inch paper in the photo tray. Load larger sheets of Epson Photo Paper (various types available) in the main tray. Always load paper with the printable side face-down.
Load only the recommended number of sheets.
Press Home if necessary and select Copy.
Press Menu, then select Copy/Restore Photos.
To turn on Color Restoration to restore colors in faded photos as you copy, select On. (If your photo is not faded, do not turn on Color Restoration.)
Press OK. Press OK again to see how to place photos.
You see this screen (For Two Photos):
Press OK to see this screen (For One Photo):
Place your original photos on the scanner glass.
You can copy up to 2 photos at the same time. Place them at least 1/4 inch (5 mm) apart.
Press OK to start scanning your photos.
To print more than 1 copy, press + or to select the number (up to 99).
To crop a photo and enlarge the resulting image area to fit onto your paper, press Display/Crop. After you finish cropping your photo, press OK.
Crop adjustments
To resize the image area, press + or . (Press and hold the button to resize continuously.)
If you placed two photos on the scanner glass, press  or  to view the second one, select the number of copies, and crop it if desired.
Press OK again to continue.
To change any of the print settings displayed on the screen, press Menu. Then press  or  to select Paper and Copy Settings, and press OK.
Paper and Copy Settings
To change the paper size, select Paper Size, then choose the size of paper you loaded. Press OK.
To change the paper type, select Paper Type, then choose the type of paper you loaded. Press OK.
Paper Type options depend on the Paper Size setting you choose.
To change the print layout, select Borderless, then choose On to expand the image all the way to the edge of the paper (slight cropping may occur) or Off to leave a small margin around the image. Press OK.
To adjust the amount of image expansion when printing borderless photos, select Expansion, then choose Standard, Medium, or Minimum. Press OK.
You may see white borders on your printed photo if you use the Minimum setting.
Press  Start to begin copying.
To cancel copying, press  Stop/Clear Settings.
Store and display your photos properly for maximum quality and longevity.
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