Print From a Memory Card : View and Print Photos

Photo Mode Photo Adjustments
Press Menu, select Photo Adjustments, then press OK. Then press  to change the following photo adjustment settings while printing from a memory card.
For the best quality printing, select Fix Photo and choose Fix Photo On. This automatically adjusts brightness, contrast, and saturation to best effect. You can also choose Fix Photo Off to turn off this adjustment, or P.I.M. to use your camera’s PRINT Image Matching® or Exif Print adjustments.
To change the automatic adjustment mode of the Fix Photo setting, select Scene Detection and choose Automatic, People, Landscape, or Night Scene.
More about Fix Photo
To remove the effects of red eyes in portraits, select Fix Red-Eye and choose On - This photo/Off - This photo or On - All photos/Off - All photos.
To adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, or Saturation in all your printed photos, select these options and select more or less of the effect.