Loading a CD/DVD

You can print on any compatible, ink jet-printable CDs or DVDs, including Blu-ray Discs.
Note: If you are using discs where the printable area extends to within 0.16 inch (4 mm) of the center hole, you may need to adjust the inner diameter setting using the control panel or Epson Print CD software.
  1. Make sure you burn your files, music, or video onto your disc before printing on it.
  2. Push in the output tray.

  3. Raise the control panel all the way up.

  4. Press the  CD Tray button.
    Do not try to pull the tray out; it extends automatically as far as possible.
  5. Place your disc on the CD/DVD tray with the label side up. Gently press it into place.

  6. Press the  CD Tray button to position the disc for printing.
    Note: The CD/DVD tray will retract automatically if you wait several minutes before pressing the button.
Do not turn off the product with a CD or DVD loaded in it. Always remove the disc first.