Calibrating the Projector

Calibration sets up the connection between your computer and the interactive pen so that you can control or interact with the image being projected from the computer. This simple process ensures that your computer can accurately detect the position of the pen on the projection surface.

You need to calibrate before using the pen for the first time, or if you change the resolution on your computer or connect a different computer. You can use either pen for calibration.

Two types of calibration are available:
  • Normal, which is faster and appropriate for most situations (25 calibration points)
  • Advanced, which is recommended when you need higher accuracy (49 calibration points)

You may need to recalibrate if you change the projector's aspect ratio or if you change the following settings: Auto Setup, Resolution, Tracking, Sync, Position, Aspect, Keystone, or Zoom.

  1. To start calibrating, do one of the following:
    • Windows: Click the icon in the system tray on your taskbar (lower right corner of your screen), then select Calibrate (Normal) or Calibrate (Advanced).
    • Mac OS X: Click the icon in the Dock, select Calibrate from the menu bar, then select Calibrate (Normal) or Calibrate (Advanced).
  2. After you read the message about calibration, click OK. You see a flashing green circle in the upper left corner of your projected image.
  3. Touch the center of the circle with the tip of the pen. The circle stops flashing and turns black. You see another circle on the right.

    Note: For the most accurate calibration, make sure you hold the pen at an angle to the projection surface and touch the center of the circle.

  4. Touch the center of the next circle, then repeat. When you get to the end of the row, the next circle appears at the left edge of a new row.
    Note: Make sure you are not blocking the signal between the pen and the interactive module. Don't press the button on the pen while calibrating.

    If you make a mistake or the circles start jumping ahead, press Esc on your computer keyboard and restart the calibration process.

  5. Continue until all of the circles are black.