Wireless Network Projection

You can send images to your projector through a wireless network. To do this, you must install the optional EPSON 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN module, and then set up your projector and computer for wireless projection.

Note: To use the interactive pens with your projected computer image, you need to connect the USB cable from the interactive module to the computer, even if you are projecting wirelessly through the network.
Note: If your projector is connected via a LAN cable to a network that includes a wireless access point, you can connect to the projector wirelessly using the EasyMP Network Projection software.
After installing the module and setting up the projector, install the network software from the Epson Projector Software CD on your computer. Use the following software and documentation to set up, control, and monitor wireless projection:
Note: You can also connect your computer to the projector wirelessly using the EPSON Quick Wireless Connection USB key (Windows only). Your computer does not need to be connected to a wireless network or need additional network software to use this connection option.
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