Solving Problems

There are several ways to diagnose problems:

For solutions to specific problems, see these sections:

If you need to uninstall and then reinstall your software to solve your problem, see Uninstalling PictureMate Software.

If the solutions here don't solve your problem, see Where To Get Help.

Error Messages and Warnings

If your PictureMate has any problems, you can check the PictureMate screen for a message. If you see one of these messages, here's what to do:

What to Do
Ink out. (T557)
The genuine photo cartridge (T557) is recommended for replacement.
Purchase a PictureMate Print Pack and replace the Photo Cartridge with a new one. If the cartridge is new, check to make sure it is inserted correctly. See Replacing the Photo Cartridge.
You are running low on ink. For best results, use the genuine EPSON photo cartridge <T557>.
Make sure you have a PictureMate Print Pack on hand so you can replace the Photo Cartridge when it runs out.
Paper is not loaded correctly. Load the paper correctly, then press [OK].
Load or remove and reload paper in the paper support, and press the OK button to clear this message. PictureMate resumes printing. See Loading Paper for instructions.
A paper jam has occurred. Remove the sheet, and press [OK].
Carefully pull out the jammed paper, then reload paper and continue printing or try printing again. Don't load wrinkled sheets or plain paper. See Paper doesn't feed correctly or jams inside PictureMate. if your PictureMate is having frequent jams.
Close the cartridge compartment cover.
The cartridge door is not closed completely. Close the cartridge door on the back of PictureMate. Make sure the door snaps shut.
The photo cartridge cannot be recognized.
The genuine EPSON photo cartridge (T557) is recommended for replacement.
Reinstall a genuine PictureMate Photo Cartridge from the PictureMate Print Pack. See Replacing the Photo Cartridge.
Service required.
Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer's documentation for details.
PictureMate has a hardware error that may require service. Contact Epson as described in Where To Get Help.
Cannot recognize the memory card or disk.
Check the memory card and try the solutions above. Make sure the card has photos on it.
Bluetooth module error. Please remove and reinstall the module.
Disconnect the Bluetooth Photo Print adapter, then reconnect it to PictureMate. See Disconnecting the Bluetooth Photo Print Adapter.
A printer error has occurred. See your printer documentation.
Press the On button to turn PictureMate off. Wait a few seconds, then turn it on again. If the error does not clear, see Where To Get Help.
Temperature inside the printer is too high. Print quality may decline. See your printer's documentation.
Move the printer to a cooler location and wait until the error message disappears.
The battery is empty. Connect the AC adapter.
Connect the AC adapter to charge the battery. See Charging the Battery.
The battery temperature is abnormal. Turn the power off, then wait until the battery temperature decreases.
Press the On button to turn off PictureMate. Wait 5 to 10 minutes until the battery cools before turning it back on.
The internal pad that absorbs ink during head cleaning has become saturated (T557) The genuine EPSON photo cartridge listed above is recommended for replacement.
The PictureMate Photo Cartridge is out. Purchase a PictureMate Print Pack and replace the Photo Cartridge with a new one. See Replacing the Photo Cartridge.

Backup Error Messages

If you see one of these messages while backing up photos to an external device, here's what to do:

What to Do
Cannot recognize the memory card or disk.
Connect a compatible external storage device, and make sure the disk or drive contains photos. See Saving Your Photos to an External Drive.
External device is not connected or media is not inserted. Backup canceled.
Connect a compatible external storage device (see Saving Your Photos to an External Drive) and make sure you insert a CD or Zip disk.
Insufficient space on the backup device. Backup cannot be performed.
Insert a new CD or Zip disk or delete files to make more space.
Memory card or disk was not inserted or cannot be recognized.
Insert the memory card that contains the photos you want to back up.

Running a Printer Check

You may need to run a printer check to see if a problem comes from PictureMate or some other source.

  1. If PictureMate is connected to your computer or another USB device, make sure they are both turned off. Then disconnect the USB cable from PictureMate.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Press or to highlight Maintenance.
  4. Press to open the Maintenance menu.
  5. Make sure Nozzle Check is selected, then press . You see this message:

  6. Press the Print button.
  7. PictureMate prints a page showing a nozzle check pattern. (If the pattern has gaps, you need to clean the print head; see Improving Print Quality.)

  8. After examining the check page, remember to turn off PictureMate and reconnect its cable to your computer, if desired.

Software Installation Problems

You're having problems installing the PictureMate software.

Printing and Operation Problems

The power light doesn't turn on.

PictureMate is on, but nothing prints.

The photo viewer screen is blank.

PictureMate sounds as though it is printing, but nothing prints.

PictureMate makes noise when you turn it on or after it has been sitting for awhile.

PictureMate is performing routine maintenance.

Printing is too slow.

Because of PictureMate's high print quality, it may take a little while to print your photos. If you are printing from a computer, check the requirements in System Requirements. If you're printing a high-resolution image, you may need more than the minimum requirements listed. You may also need to:

For the fastest printing, try these tips:

Memory Card Problems

Print Quality Problems

You see banding (light lines).

Part of your photo is cut off.

Your photo is blurry or smeared.

Your photo is grainy.

Your photo is faint or has gaps in the image.

Colors in your photo are incorrect or missing.

Problems With Paper Feeding

Paper doesn't eject fully or is wrinkled.

Make sure your paper is not damp. Try loading paper from a new Print Pack or paper package.

Paper doesn't feed correctly or jams inside PictureMate.

If your paper loads incorrectly or jams frequently:

Miscellaneous Printout Problems

PictureMate prints blank pages.

The margins are incorrect.

Image size or position is incorrect.

The wrong photo is printed.

Too many copies are printing.

Make sure that the Copies option in your software (printing from computer) or on PictureMate (printing without computer) is set for the number of copies you want to print. See Printing From Your Computer or Printing Without a Computer for instructions.