Scan to Your Computer : Scan in Professional Mode (Fully Manual)

Select Scanned Image Area
In thumbnail preview, your scanned image area is selected automatically.
In normal preview, you create the scanned image area by clicking a button.
You can adjust the scanned image area by creating and/or moving the dotted line (marquee) outlining the scan area:
Thumbnail preview: Create a marquee by placing your cursor in one corner of the desired scan area, clicking, and dragging the cursor to the opposite corner.
Normal preview: Click the  auto locate icon to create a marquee.
To retain the marquee width/height proportions, hold the Shift key as you resize the marquee.
Normal preview: You can create up to 50 marquees at a time, click the  copy marquee icon to copy existing marquees, or click the  delete marquee icon to delete the selected marquee.