Fax a Document or Photo : Set Up Your Fax Features

Select Communication Settings
Select these settings to customize how your NX300/305 Series receives and transmits faxes.
Press the Copy/Fax button to select Fax mode.
Press the Menu button.
Press  or  to select Fax Setting, then press OK.
Press  or  to select Communication, then press OK.
DRD: can be used with a “Distinctive Ring Service” provided by your phone company. With this service, you can have two or more phone numbers assigned to the same line, with each number given a distinctive ring. For example, if you have a phone number for personal calls that’s set to ring normally (with a single ring) and a fax number set for a double ring, select Double as the DRD setting. Then the fax system picks up only those calls with a double ring. (All is the default setting.)
ECM: indicates whether you use Error Correction Mode to automatically request retransmission of fax data that is received with detected errors. (On is the default setting.)
V.34: indicates the speed at which you transmit faxes. On is 33.6 Kbps and Off 14.4 Kbps.
Rings to Answer: indicates the number of rings that must occur before the NX300/305 Series automatically receives a fax. You may want to change this setting if you have connected a telephone or answering machine. (4 is the default setting.)
Dial Tone Detection: when this setting is On, the NX300/305 Series dials automatically when it detects a dial tone. It may not be able to detect a dial tone when connected to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or TA (Terminal Adapter) system. In that case, turn this setting off.
When finished, press the Menu button to return to the Fax mode screen.