Fax a Document or Photo : Set Up a Speed Dial and Group Dial List

Print Fax Reports
You can print the following fax reports:
Fax Log: prints a report of recent fax transmissions.
Last Transmission: prints a report of your last fax transmission.
Speed Dial List: prints a list of your speed dial entries.
Group Dial List: prints a list of your group dial entries.
Reprint Faxes: reprints your most recent incoming fax.
Protocol Trace: prints a protocol trace of your last fax transmission.
You can have the NX300/305 Series automatically print a fax report for the last transmitted fax. Select On Send as the Last Transmission Report setting in the Scan & Print menu.
Press the Copy/Fax button to select Fax mode.
Press the Menu button.
Press  or  to select Fax Setting, then press OK.
Select Print Report, then press OK.
Selecting Fax Log will give you the option to Print or View. Select Print and press the  Color button to print the report.