Print From a Connected Digital Camera : Print Photos From the Camera

Print Photos From the Camera
Once you have connected your camera, you can load paper and print your photos.
Load the paper on which you want to print your photos.
Press Setup.
Press  or  to select PictBridge Setup, then press OK.
Press  to change any of the print settings on the screen.
PictBridge Setup Print Settings
To change the paper type, select Paper Type and choose the type of paper you loaded.
To change the paper size, select Paper Size and choose the size of paper you loaded.
Paper Size options depend on the Paper Type setting you choose.
To change the layout, select Layout and choose Border to leave a small margin around the image or select Borderless to expand the image all the way to the edge of the paper (slight cropping may occur).
To change the print quality if you have selected Plain Paper, choose Quality and select Standard or Best.
Standard is the default Quality setting for photo paper.
To slow down printing to improve print quality, select Bidirectional and choose Off (choose On for faster print speed).
You may see white borders on your printed photo if you use the Min setting.
When you finish printing, turn off your camera and disconnect it from the USB port on the Epson Stylus NX400 Series.