Checking Cartridge Status on the LCD Screen

You can check the status of your ink cartridges using your product's LCD screen.
  1. Press the  home button.
  2. Press the arrow buttons to select Setup and press the OK button. You see this screen:

  3. Press the OK button. You see this screen:

    Note: The display is different depending on which ink cartridges are low or expended, if any. Displayed ink levels are approximate.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you are finished, select OK and press the OK button.
    • If you want to replace an ink cartridge now, select Cartridge Replacement and press the OK button. When you finish replacing cartridges, press the OK button again.
    Note: Depending on the color of the expended cartridge and how you are printing, you may be able to continue printing temporarily.
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