Scanning in Professional Mode

When you select Professional Mode, you see the EPSON Scan Professional Mode window.
Place your original(s) on the document table. See Placing Documents or Photos or Placing Film or Slides (EPSON Perfection V330 Photo Only) for details.
Start EPSON Scan. See Starting EPSON Scan for details.
Select Professional Mode in the Mode list.
See EPSON Scan Help for details.
Select Reflective (for scanning documents or photos) or Film (for scanning film or slides)from the Document Type list.
Select Document Table as the Document Source setting.
If you select Reflective as the Document Type setting, select Photo or Document as the Auto Exposure Type setting.
If you select Film as the Document Type setting, select Positive Film, Color Negative Film, or B&W Negative Film as the Film Type setting.
Click the arrow to open the Image Type list and select the detailed image type you are scanning.
Image Type setting
Type of image you are scanning
48-bit Color
Color photos that you may want to modify in a 48-bit image-editing program
24-bit Color
Color photos
Color Smoothing
Color graphics, such as a chart or graph
16-bit Grayscale
Black-and-white photos with many shades of gray
8-bit Grayscale
Black-and-white photos with just a few shades of gray
Black & White
Documents with black text and/or line art
Click the arrow to open the Resolution list and select an appropriate resolution for your original(s).
Click Preview to preview your image(s). The Preview window appears and displays your image(s). See Previewing and Adjusting the Scan Area for details.
Select the size of the scanned image(s) as the Target Size setting if necessary. You can scan your images at their original size, or you can reduce or enlarge their size by selecting Target Size.
Modify the image quality if necessary. See Adjusting the Color and Other Image Settings for details.
Click Scan.
Your scanned image is saved in the file format and location you selected in the File Save Settings window. If you did not select any settings in the File Save Settings window, it is saved as a JPEG file in Pictures or My Pictures.