Customizing Windows Print Settings

You can use advanced settings for color matching, printing at a higher resolution, or selecting a variety of special effects and layouts.

  1. On the Main tab, click the Advanced button in the bottom right corner of the window.
  2. If you see a warning note, click Continue.
  3. Select the following advanced settings as necessary:

  4. Note: For the highest print quality, select Photo RPM. Please note that printing will take longer in this mode.

    For more information about advanced settings, or instructions on saving them as a group so you can reuse them later, click the ? or Help button. If you want to use the Advanced screen each time you access your printer settings, select the Show this screen first checkbox.

  5. Once you've finished selecting advanced settings, you can:
    • Click OK to save your settings, return to the Print dialog box, and print.
    • Click the Basic button to return to the Basic settings.
    • Click the Page Layout tab and continue with step 5to select layout options.
  6. Select the following page layout settings as necessary:

  7. Note: For more information on page layout settings, click the ? or Help button.

  8. Click OK to save your settings, then click OK or Print.