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AdobePS driver
A printer driver used by an application to create a PostScript file. This driver is distributed with EPSON Stylus RIP Professional 2.0 and may be installed as a substitute for a LaserWriter driver on a Macintosh. Within this manual, all references to LaserWriter should be interpreted as references to either LaserWriter or AdobePS.
Configurable PostScript Interpreter. This Adobe Level 3 PostScript Interpreter runs on a Macintosh server rather than on a hardware peripheral device. EPSON Stylus RIP Professional 2.0 uses this interpreter to render a raster image.
Encapsulated PostScript. This is a file type that may contain complex graphics. It is designed as a universal format to include complex graphics in other applications.
Floating Point Unit. A chip capable of executing operations with real numbers.
International Color Consortium. A consortium of operating-system vendors that has agreed to a standard color matching system for device profiles.
Imaging device
A device capable of printing a raster image on a physical medium. For example, a printer, imagesetter, or digital film recorder is an imaging device.
A set of software functions that converts PostScript language commands into a raster image. EPSON Stylus RIP Professional 2.0 uses the CPSI interpreter.
LaserWriter driver
An Apple printer driver used by an application to create a PostScript file describing the visible contents of a document.
Open Prepress Interface. A set of PostScript language commands for defining and specifying the placement of images.
Post-print queue
A list in the Stylus RIP Professional Completed Jobs window containing all jobs already printed for all open Stylus RIP Professional printers.
An interpretive computer language developed by Adobe that describes the text, graphics, and image content of a document to a printer or other output device. PostScript is hardware, software, and network independent so your images always appear the way you want them to.
PS Printer driver
A printer driver used by an application to create a PostScript file.
Raster image
A digital representation of an image, consisting of values that are assigned to, and represent, each dot in an image.
The process by which PostScript language commands are interpreted and a raster image is produced.
Raster Image Processor. An application or device that translates PostScript data into dots that can be printed.
PS Server
A Macintosh computer or PC running the PS Server application.
Stylus RIP Professional client
A Macintosh computer or PC that is connected to the network and contains the Stylus RIP Professional software. Users can print from applications in a client computer to printers or imaging devices connected to a PS Server.
Tagged Image File Format. A standard image file format consisting of labeled fields.


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