Print From Your Computer : Windows Printing

Select Basic Options
There are two ways to select basic printing options:
Select a printing preset to quickly select settings for common paper types, sizes, and print qualities.
Select a printing preset
For quick access to the most common settings, click the Shortcuts tab. Point to one of the Printing Presets to view a list of the settings for it.
If the settings are correct for your print job, click the preset and print.
To create your own presets, click the Save Settings button on the Advanced tab.
To delete a preset you created, click Add/Remove on the Shortcuts tab, select the preset, and click Delete.
Select Basic Settings on the Main Tab
Click the Main tab at the top of the printer settings window to select your basic print options.
Select a Quality Option that matches your document or photo, and the print quality you want.
Quality Option settings
Draft: for rough drafts with reduced quality
Text: for documents containing only text
Text & Image: for documents with text and images
Photo: for photos and graphics with good quality and print speed
Best Photo: for photos or graphics with high print quality
Select the paper Type setting that matches the paper you loaded.
Paper size settings
You can load paper in these sizes and select the size in the printer software. (Wider papers are for use only when reducing large images with the Reduce/Enlarge Document option.) A User Defined option is also available so you can create a custom size.
Envelope #10 (4 1/8 × 9 1/2 inches)
If you’re printing borderless photos, click the Borderless checkbox. For documents or photos with borders, select Borders.
For borderless photos, make sure you loaded a compatible borderless paper size and type.
Choose Portrait or Landscape orientation for your document or photo. (Choose Landscape for printing envelopes.)
You can also:
Select Print Options
Basic Print Options
Fix Photo: improves the color, contrast, and sharpness of flawed photos.
Fix Red-Eye: reduces or removes red-eye in photos.
Reverse Order: starts printing with the last page so that pages are stacked in the right order.
Print Preview: lets you preview your document or photo before printing it.
Black Ink Only: for printing text and graphics in shades of gray (not recommended for
Quiet Mode: reduces the print speed for quieter operation at the same quality level.
When you’re finished, you’re ready to print.