Print From Your Computer : Windows Printing

Select Basic Settings on the Main Tab
Click the Main tab on the top of the printer settings window to select your basic print options.
Select a Quality Option that matches your document or photo, and the print quality you want.
Select the paper Type setting that matches the paper you loaded.
Select the paper Size setting for the paper you loaded. A User Defined option is also available so you can create a custom size.
If you’re printing borderless photos, select Borderless. For documents or photos with borders, select Borders.
For borderless photos, make sure you loaded a compatible borderless paper size and type.
Choose Portrait or Landscape orientation for your document or photo. (Choose Landscape for printing envelopes.)
You can also:
Select Black/Grayscale to print text and graphics in shades of gray (not recommended for printing black-and-white photos). Some color ink will still be used for print head maintenance.
Select Quiet Mode to reduce the print speed for quieter operation at the same quality level.
For information on selecting other Print Options, right-click an option and click Help.
When you’re finished, you’re ready to print.