Fax a Document : Receive Faxes

Receive Faxes
The WorkForce 310 Series automatically receives and prints faxes when you turn on Auto Answer mode. You can also set it to receive faxes manually if you connected the WorkForce 310 Series and a phone or answering machine to a phone line that also receives voice calls. Then you can check for a fax tone from the sending fax machine and press a button on the WorkForce 310 Series to receive the fax, or allow your answering machine to determine if the call is an incoming fax.
Automatically Receive a Fax
Manually Receive a Fax
You can also use Poll to Receive mode to receive a fax from another fax machine to which you have dialed (such as a fax information service).
Before receiving faxes, make sure you load plain paper and select the Paper Size setting that matches the size of paper you’ve loaded.
If the incoming fax pages are larger than the paper size you loaded, the fax size is reduced to fit or printed on multiple pages, depending on the Auto Reduction setting you select.
If you run out of paper during printing, you see the error message Paper out. Load more paper and press the OK button so printing can continue.