Place Originals for Copying, Faxing, or Scanning : Place Documents in the Automatic Document Feeder

Place Documents in the Automatic Document Feeder
You can copy, fax, or scan up to 30 letter- or A4-size sheets at a time using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). When loading legal-size sheets, insert only 10 sheets at a time. Make sure the originals are not creased or folded and do not have holes, tape, staples, or other materials that could obstruct the feeder.
When there is a document on the scanner glass and in the Auto Document Feeder, priority is given to the document in the Auto Document Feeder.
When you use the Copy function, letter-size paper is automatically selected for your printed copies. If you copy a legal-size document, the image will be cropped to fit. To copy a legal-size document on letter-size paper, press  Menu, select Reduce/Enlarge, then press OK. Press  or  to select Legal->Letter, then press OK.
Once the original document is loaded, you can copy, scan, or fax.
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