Fax a Document or Photo : Receive Faxes

Automatically Receive a Fax
The WorkForce 500 Series automatically receives and prints faxes when you turn on Auto Answer mode. You can also set it to receive faxes manually.
The WorkForce 500 Series tells you whether Auto Answer mode is turned on by the light next to the Auto Answer/Space button:
To change the answer mode, press the Auto Answer/Space button. The light stays on when Auto Answer mode is turned on. Press the button again to change it back.
When a telephone with an answering machine is connected, you can set the number of rings before the WorkForce 500 Series picks up. For example, if your answering machine is set to pick up on the fourth ring, you can set the WorkForce 500 Series to pick up on the fifth ring. If the incoming call is a fax and you pick up the phone or the answering machine answers, the WorkForce 500 Series automatically begins receiving the transmission. If the incoming call is a caller, the phone can be used as normal or a message can be left on the answering machine.
If your phone company provides Distinctive Ring Service, you can also have a second phone number dedicated to receiving faxes that’s on the same line as the one you use for making voice calls. Then set the appropriate DRD setting.