Print From Your Computer : Windows Printing

Select Advanced Options
Click the Advanced tab on the top of the printer settings window to select Advanced options.
Select the paper type setting that matches the paper you loaded.
Select the print quality setting for your document or photo, such as Fast Economy for the fastest printing or Best Photo or Photo RPM® (Max dpi) for the best print quality.
Available print quality settings depend on the selected paper Type setting.
Select the paper size setting for the paper you loaded. User Defined and custom options are also available so you can create a custom size.
If you’re printing borderless photos, select Borderless. For documents or photos with borders, select Borders.
For borderless photos, make sure you loaded a compatible borderless paper size and type.
Choose Portrait or Landscape orientation for your document or photo. (Choose Landscape for printing envelopes.)
Select any of the Print Options you want for your document or photo.
Select Color Management options for finer control of the color in your document or photo.
You can also:
Save all your selected settings for later use (click Save Settings and name the settings); to use saved settings later, select them from the Custom Settings list or from the Shortcuts tab.
When you’re finished, you’re ready to print.