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Check the Status Lights on the Control Panel
Load paper into the paper cassette, and then press  paper button. The printer resumes printing and the light goes out.
The selected paper size does not match size of the paper fed into the printer.
After loading paper that matches the print size selected with the computer, press  paper button to clear the error and continue printing. Reprint any missing pages.
Press  paper button to feed and eject the paper. If the paper remains in the printer, see Paper Feeding Problems While Printing.
Replace the ink cartridge with a new one. If the light is still on after you have replaced the cartridge, it may not be installed correctly. Reinstall the ink cartridge so that it clicks into place. See Remove and Install Cartridges.
The currently installed ink cartridge cannot be used with the printer.
Obtain a replacement ink cartridge. To determine which cartridge is nearly expended, check the ink cartridge status. See Check Ink Status From Your Computer.
Flashing alternately
Turn off the printer. Open the printer cover and remove any paper or other obstructions from the paper path. See Paper Feeding Problems While Printing
= on, = off, = flashing slowly, flashing fast