Copy a Document or Photo : Scan and Print Double-sided

Scan and Print Double-sided
If your model has a built-in duplexer (WorkForce 633 and 635 Series), you can print a document automatically on both sides of the page using either plain paper or Epson Bright White Paper.
If you are using Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte Double-sided, you must print double-sided manually (this type of paper is not designed to work with the duplexer). With Windows, you can select an option in the driver to help you with manual double-sided printing.
If your model has two-sided scanning capability (WorkForce 635 Series), you can use the ADF to scan both sides of a multipage document. If you’re copying the document, you can have the copy printed on either one side or both sides of the page.
Press  Menu, if necessary, then select Paper and Copy Settings (if copying) or Scan settings (if scanning to your computer).
Select the 2-Sided option that lets you scan and/or copy in the desired format.
On the WorkForce 635, you can quickly open the 2-Sided Printing menu by pressing the  2Sided button.