Print From a Memory Card : View and Print Photos

Print Settings
Press  Menu, select Print Settings, and then change the following print settings while printing from a memory card.
Some settings may not be available, depending on the task you are performing.
To change the paper size, select Paper Size and choose the size of paper you loaded.
To change the paper type, select Paper Type and choose the type of paper you loaded.
Paper Type options depend on the Paper Size setting you choose.
To change the borderless print setting, select Borderless and choose Off to leave a small margin around the image, or select On to expand the image all the way to the edge of the paper (slight cropping may occur). Borderless printing is not available on plain paper.
To change the print quality, select Quality and choose Standard Quality or Best. (Plain Paper must be selected as the Paper Type.)
You may see white borders on your printed photo if you use the Minimum setting.
To automatically crop your photo to fit in your selected layout, select Fit Frame and choose On. Turn it off to leave a small white margin and print the entire image.
To slow down printing to improve print quality, select Bidirectional and choose Off (choose On for faster print speed).
Once you have customized your settings, select Set As New Default if you want to reuse them for future print jobs.