Copy a Document or Photo : Copy Documents

Copy Documents
You can copy documents onto letter- or A4-size plain paper, Epson Bright White Paper, or Epson Presentation Paper Matte, just like on a copy machine.
When originals are loaded in the Automatic Document Feeder, letter-size paper plain paper is automatically selected for your printed copies. If you copy a legal-size document, the image will be cropped. To copy a full legal-size document onto letter-size paper, press , then select Paper and Copy Settings. Select Reduce/Enlarge, then select Legal->Letter, then press OK.
Load letter- or A4-size plain paper in cassette 1 or 2 or Epson special paper in cassette 1.
Load only the recommended number of sheets.
Select Color or B&W (black and white) copies.
Press or + to select the number of copies you want (up to 99). Or press the number 1 to display the numeric keyboard, then select the number and press OK.
Press  or to adjust the Density (darkness or lightness) of the copy if necessary.
Paper and Copy Settings
To reduce your originals so that pages print side-by-side, two per sheet, select Layout and then select 2-up Copy. This is for use only with single-sided originals; be sure to load them the correct direction.
To scan double-sided originals or make double-sided copies, select 2-Sided Printing, then select the desired option.
If you’re printing double-sided, you can also select the Binding Direction. If smudges or marks appear on the front of your paper when printing the second side, increase the Dry Time setting.
To adjust the copy size, select Reduce/Enlarge and choose Actual Size, Auto Fit Page (to automatically size the image to fit your paper), Custom Size (to select a percentage using  or ), or any of the specific sizing options offered.
To change the paper size, select Paper Size and choose the size of paper you loaded.
For copying documents, select Paper Type and choose Plain Paper.
To change the cassette, select Paper Source and choose the cassette you want. To print a large number of copies at the same time, choose Cassette 1 then 2. Make sure you load the same type of paper in both cassettes.
To change the copy quality, select Quality and choose Standard Quality, Best, or Draft.
After you finish selecting your settings, press OK to exit the settings menu.
To cancel copying, press  Cancel.
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