Fax a Document or Photo : Connect a Phone or Answering Machine

Connect a Phone or Answering Machine
You can connect your product to a phone line, and connect a telephone or answering machine to the same phone line so you can use it to make voice calls.
Connect the phone cable from the wall jack to the LINE port on the back of the product.
If you have a DSL Internet connection, you must plug a DSL filter into the wall jack or you won’t be able to use the fax or telephone equipment as described below. Contact your DSL provider for the necessary filter.
To use a telephone or answering machine, you need a second phone cable. Before connecting the cable, remove the cap from the EXT. port on the back of your product.
When you receive a call and Auto Answer mode is turned on, if the other party is a fax and you pick up the phone or the answering machine answers, the product automatically begins receiving the transmission. If the other party is a caller, the phone can be used as normal or a message can be left on the answering machine.
Your phone or answering machine must be connected to the EXT. port (not to a wall jack) for the product to detect the incoming fax calls properly. If you’ve connected an answering machine, you may need to adjust the number of rings after which the product picks up. It must be at least one more than for the answering machine.