Replace Ink Cartridges

Replace Ink Cartridges
Your product and its software will let you know when an ink cartridge is low or expended.
Printing stops when an ink cartridge is expended. If a color cartridge is expended, you may be able to continue printing temporarily with black ink. If the black cartridge is expended, you must replace it to continue printing.

With Windows, when black ink is low and there is more color ink than black ink, you will see a message when you print from your computer. You can select to save black ink by using a mixture of colors to create black. The message only appears if you select Plain Paper/Bright White Paper as the paper Type and Text as the Quality Option setting.
When an installed ink cartridge is more than six months old, you may need to replace it if your printouts do not look their best, even after cleaning and aligning the print head.
Follow the instructions in these sections to check and replace your ink cartridges:
Check Ink Status From the Control Panel
Check Ink Status From Your Computer
Purchase Epson Cartridges
Remove and Install Cartridges