Scan to Your Computer : Scan From the Control Panel

Scan to PC (Email)
Scan to Email automatically scans a photo or document, launches your e-mail application, and attaches the file as a JPG image to a new outgoing message. This feature works with MAPI-type e-mail such as Microsoft® Outlook or Windows Live Mail, but not web-based e-mail such as Yahoo® or Gmail. (If you’re not sure, check with your e-mail provider to determine what type of e-mail account you have. If you have Windows 7, you may need to install Outlook or Windows Live Mail to be able to use this feature.)
Before you begin, place your original on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder.
Press  or  and select Scan to PC (Email).
The box at the bottom of the window displays information about the image file(s) you’re attaching to the e-mail message.
Click OK. Your e-mail program is opened and any scanned images are attached to a new e‑mail message. See your e-mail program for help if you need instructions on sending your e‑mail message.