Scanning Using Document Capture Pro (for Windows)

This software allows you to perform various tasks with a scanned image, such as sending it by e-mail, printing it, or uploading it to a server. You can also customize the action performed when you press the  button on the scanner (see Assigning a Function to the Scanner Button (for Windows) for instructions) and save frequently used scanning settings.
This section explains basic scanning procedures using Document Capture Pro. For more details, select Document Capture Pro Help from the application’s Help menu.
Load your document into the input slot. See Loading a Document for instructions.
Select or Start > All Programs or Programs > Epson Software > Document Capture Pro.
Click Scan.
Adjust settings in the Main Settings window as necessary.
Click Detailed Settings if you want to make more detailed image adjustments using the EPSON Scan window. See Previewing and Adjusting the Scan Area and Adjusting the Color and Other Image Settings for more information.
Click Scan. The document is scanned and displayed as an image in Document Capture Pro.
Check the scanned image, then edit it if necessary.
When you’re finished, click a destination icon or select Save As from the File menu.
Adjust settings in the Save As window or the Print Settings window as necessary, then click OK.
Depending on the destination you selected, you may also be prompted to enter additional information such as a server's Address, a User Name, or a Password.
If you are scanning to a PDF file, click Options for PDF related features such as document security and search functionality. See Selecting PDF Options for more information.
If you want the software to detect blank pages or bar codes and split your scanned documents into separate files based on these markers, click Apply job separation. Then click Separation Settings to select your preferences.
The scanned image is saved or uploaded to the location you specified.