Selecting Additional Layout and Print Options - Windows

You can select a variety of additional layout and printing options for your document on the More Options tab.

  1. To change the size of your printed document, select the Reduce/Enlarge Document checkbox and select one of these sizing options:
    • Select the Fit to Page option to size your image to fit the paper you loaded. Select the size of the your document as the Document Size setting, and the size of your paper as the Output Paper setting.
    • Select the Zoom to option to reduce or enlarge your document by a specific percentage. Select the percentage in the % menu.
  2. Select one of the following Tone Correction options:
    • Select Automatic to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast for your documents.
    • Select Custom and click the Advanced button to manually adjust the brightness and contrast settings.
    • Select Image Options and select Edge Smoothing to smooth jagged edges in low-resolution images.
  3. To add a watermark to your printout, select Watermark settings.
  4. To add a header or footer to your document, select Header/Footer, then select Settings to customize the text and location.
  5. Select any of the Additional Settings options to customize your print.
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