Product Status Messages

You can often diagnose problems with your product by checking the messages on its LCD screen. You can also press the  Help button to view help topics.

LCD screen message Condition/solution
Paper out or paper jam Follow the instructions on the screen to load paper in the indicated paper source or check for paper jams.
Paper jam Follow the instructions on the screen to see how to remove the jammed paper from the area indicated. Then press one of the  Start buttons.
No paper source matches paper size setting. Load the paper you want to print on, or select the size loaded in the product.
Communication error Make sure the computer is connected to your product and your software is installed correctly.
Recovery mode An error has occurred during firmware updating. Connect your product using a USB cable and try updating the firmware again. If you still receive this error message, contact Epson for support.
Cannot recognize USB device Make sure the USB thumb drive or other device has been inserted correctly.
No dial tone detected. Try Check Fax Connection. Make sure the phone cable is connected correctly and the phone line works. If you connected the product to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone line or Terminal Adapter, turn off the Dial Tone Detection setting.
Printer error Turn the product off and then back on again. If the error continues, make sure you removed the foam and plastic protective materials from inside the product.
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