Selecting Output and Graphics Options - PCL Printer Software - Windows

You can select a variety of additional print quality options for your document or photo on the Output and Graphics tab.

  1. Select one of the following Print Quality options:
    • For fast printing with reduced quality, select Fast.
    • For text and graphics with good quality and print speed, select Fine.
  2. To print using less ink, set the Toner Save setting to On.
    Note: Print quality may be significantly reduced when the Toner Save setting is enabled.
  3. Select one of the following as the Enhancement Mode setting:
    • For text or simple graphics, such as charts or presentations, select the Vivid or Vivid Accent setting.
    • For photos or detailed graphics, select the Photo-Realistic or Photo-Realistic Accent setting.
  4. To adjust additional TrueType and font settings, click the Advanced button and select the options as necessary.