Epson BrightLink 485Wi

RS232 Control Codes

Epson offers comprehensive projector control via RS232. This section covers RS232 control connectivity and Epson projector command codes. Also included is a TIPS section to highlight some techniques that are required to program Epson projectors.

1. The Epson BrightLink 485Wi projector uses an ASCII based version for Epson Standard Codes. These can be controlled via RS232, USB or Ethernet control. It is referred to as ESC/VP21 and the list of codes are contained here. Current revision is Rev P and was issued on January 28 of 2011 of the ESC/VP21 Command Users Guide for Business Projectors. A complete compatibility of models and codes is also provided for your convenience.
2: Important Note: To ensure proper programming, refer to programming wait times on page 6 of the PDF of ESC/VP21 Codes manual Rev P. Failure to insert proper wait times may compromise projector responsiveness.
3: "Communication On" setting in the projector menu may have to be enabled for some communication. Refer to ESC/VP21 manual.
ESC/VP21 Codes (ASCII Based) Size Format
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