Available Image Aspect Ratios

You can select the following image aspect ratios, depending on the selected Screen Type setting and the input signal from your image source.

Note: Black bands and cropped images may project in certain aspect ratios, depending on the aspect ratio and resolution of your input signal.
Screen Type setting Available aspect ratios
4:3 Auto or Normal, 4:3, 6:9, Native*
16:9 Auto or Normal, Full, Zoom, Native
16:10 Auto or Normal, 16:9, Full, Zoom, Native

*Available only when projecting computer images or from the HDMI or HDBaseT (PowerLite Pro G6750WU/G6800/G6900WU) port

Aspect ratio setting Description
Auto Automatically sets the aspect ratio according to the input signal.
Normal Displays images in the same aspect ratio of the input signal.
4:3 Displays images at a 4:3 aspect ratio.
16:9 Displays images at a 16:9 aspect ratio.
Full Displays images using the full size of the projection area, but does not maintain the aspect ratio.
Zoom Displays images using the full width of the projection area and maintains the aspect ratio of the image. Areas that exceed the edges of the projected screen are not projected.
Native Displays images as is (aspect ratio and resolution are maintained).
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