Printing Preferences - Mac OS X

You can select from these settings on the Driver tab.

Thick paper and envelopes
Prevents ink from smearing when you print on envelopes or other thick paper.
Skip Blank Page
Ensures that your product does not print pages that contain no text or images.
Quiet Mode
Lessens noise during printing but may decrease print speed.
Permit temporary black printing
Allows you to print using black ink when a color ink cartridge is expended.
Automatic Cassette Switching
Automatically switches to the other cassette when one of the cassettes runs out of paper.
High Speed Printing
Speeds up printing, but may reduce print quality.
Warning Notifications
Lets you choose whether or not to receive warning notifications from the printer software when ink is low.
Establish bidirectional communication
Allows the product to communicate with the computer. Do not change the default setting On unless you experience issues when using a shared printing pool.