Configuring the Memory Device Interfaces

Before you transfer photos from a computer to a memory device, you may need to configure your product's memory device interface settings.
Remove the memory device before you change these settings or you may lose data from the device. Do not remove a memory card or turn off your product while the memory card access light is flashing or you may lose data from the memory card.
Note: These settings can be locked by an administrator. If you cannot access these settings, contact your administrator for assistance.
  1. Press the  home button, if necessary.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Scroll down and select System Administration. Enter the administrator password, if necessary.
  4. Select Printer Settings.
  5. Select Memory Device Interface. You see this screen:

  6. Make sure the Memory Device option is set to Enable.
  7. Select File Sharing.
  8. Select the way your computer is connected to the product: USB or Wi-Fi Network.
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