Cleaning the Print Head Using the Product Control Panel

You can clean the print head using the control panel on your product.
  1. Load a few sheets of plain paper in the cassette (or in cassette 1 if your product has two cassettes).
  2. Press the  home button, if necessary.
  3. Select Setup.
  4. Select Maintenance.
  5. Select Print Head Cleaning. You see this screen:

  6. Select Proceed. You see a screen like this:

  7. Select the cleaning cycle you want to run based on the nozzle check pattern.
  8. Press the  Color button. When the cleaning cycle is finished, you see a message on the screen.
    Never turn off the product during a cleaning cycle or you may damage it.
  9. Select Print Nozzle Check Pattern.
  10. Press the  Color button to confirm that the print head is clean.
If you don’t see any improvement after cleaning the print head up to 4 times, wait at least 6 hours. Then try cleaning the print head again. If quality still does not improve, one of the ink cartridges may be old or damaged and needs to be replaced.
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