Status Menu Error Codes

If a job does not complete successfully, you can check the error code. Press the  Status button, select Job History, and locate the incomplete job. Select the job to display the error code and additional information.

Code Condition/solution
001 The product was turned off by a power failure.
109 The received fax was already deleted.
110 The job was printed 1-sided because the loaded paper does not support 2-sided printing.
201 The product's memory is full.

You can send pages individually or print received faxes and then delete them to free up memory space.

202 The line was disconnected by the recipient's fax machine. Wait a moment, then try again.
203 The product cannot detect a dial tone.

Make sure the phone cable is connected correctly and the phone line works. If you connected the product to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone line or Terminal Adapter, turn off the Dial Tone Detection setting.

204 The recipient's fax machine is busy. Wait a moment, then try again.
205 The recipient's fax machine does not answer. Wait a moment, then try again.
206 The phone cable is incorrectly connected to the product's LINE and EXT ports. Connect the phone cable correctly.
207 The phone cable is not connected. Connect the phone cable.
208 The fax could not be sent to some of the specified recipients.

Print a fax log to check which recipients failed to receive the fax. You may be able to resend a fax from Job Monitor in the Status Menu.



There is not enough storage space available on the external memory device. Clear space on the device or use a different device.


The external memory device is write-protected; disable write protection.
303 No folder is available for saving the scanned file. Create a folder or use a different memory device.


The external memory device has been removed. Reinsert the device.


An error occurred while saving.
306 The product's memory is full. Wait until other ongoing jobs are finished.
331 A communication error occurred while acquiring the destination list. Make sure the product is connected to the network correctly. Reduce the number of documents.
332 There is not enough space available for saving the scanned files in the specified folder.
333 The destination could not be found because the destination information has been uploaded to the server before sending the scanned data. Select the destination again.
334 An error occurred while sending the scanned data.
341 A communication error has occurred. Make sure the product is connected to the computer or network correctly. Make sure you have installed Epson Event Manager.
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