Product Box Contents

Save all the packaging in case you need to ship the projector. Always use the original packaging (or equivalent) when shipping.

Note: Your product may look different from the illustrations in this guide, but the instructions are the same.

Make sure your projector box included all of these parts:

1 Projector
2 Remote control
3 Remote control batteries (two AA alkaline)
4 Power cord
5 VGA computer cable
6 USB cable (EX3220/EX5220/EX5230/EX6220/EX7220)
7 Carrying case (EX3220/EX5220/EX5230/EX6220/EX7220)
8 Wireless LAN module (EX5220/EX7220)
9 Wireless LAN module cover
10 French control panel stickers (included for Canada only)
11 Projector documentation CD