Output Settings - Fax

Set the output options you want to use for incoming faxes.
Note: If you select Save to Inbox, faxes are saved in the product's memory. Delete faxes after viewing or printing to prevent the memory from filling up. Even if you select other options for saving faxes, they may be saved temporarily in the product's memory.
Setting Options Description
Fax Output Other Settings Lets you create a folder for saving faxes on a memory device and select settings for forwarding faxes.
Save to Inbox Saves incoming faxes in the product's memory. You can view the faxes on the LCD screen and print if needed.
Save to Computer To use this option, you must use the Epson FAX Utility. Select Yes and Print to have faxes saved to your computer and printed automatically.
Save to Memory Device Saves incoming faxes to a connected memory device or USB storage device. Select Yes and Print to have faxes saved to the memory device and printed automatically.
Note: Received faxes are saved as PDF files and cannot be printed directly from the control panel.
Forward Forwards incoming faxes to as many as 5 numbers in your contact list. Select Yes and Print to have faxes forwarded and printed automatically.
Note: Color faxes cannot be forwarded.
Auto Reduction On Select to reduce the size of large received faxes to fit on the paper size in the selected paper source.
Off Select to print large incoming faxes at their original size on multiple sheets, if necessary.
Auto Rotation On If you have loaded A5-size paper, select On to rotate landscape-oriented incoming faxes so that they print correctly on the paper.
Collation Stack On Select On to print incoming faxes so that the pages are stacked in the correct page order. (When the product is low on memory, this option may not be available.)
Print Suspend Time Off Select On to set a time period to stop automatic printing of faxes or reports and save received faxes in the product’s memory. (Make sure there is enough free memory before using this function.)
Time to Stop
Restart Time
Forwarding Report Print on Error Selects whether or when to print a report after an incoming fax is forwarded.
Do Not Print
Attach Image to Report Off Does not include an image of the fax on transmission reports.
On(Small Image) Prints transmission reports with an image of the first faxed page. (Does not work when you select Direct Send.)
On(Large Image)
Fax Log Auto Print Off Does not print the fax log.
On(Every 30) Prints the fax log after 30 faxes are sent or received.
On(Time) Prints the fax log at a time you select using the numeric keypad displayed on the LCD screen.
Report Format Simple Selects the amount of information on fax reports.
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