Creating Numbered Label Sequences in Label Editor

You can create copies of a label that are automatically numbered in sequence using numerals or letters of the alphabet.
  1. Create the text for your label.
  2. Open the Insert menu and select Alphanumeric Sequence. You see this window:

  3. Select Numerals or Alphabetic Value as the Attributes option.
  4. Enter one or more # symbols as the Format option to represent the number of digits you want in your sequence.
  5. For Initial Value, enter the starting number or letter for your sequence.
  6. For Increment, enter the value to add for each subsequent label. To create a decreasing sequence, enter a minus number.
  7. For Repetition, enter the number of times to repeat an item in the sequence. To specify a maximum or minimum value for your sequence, select the Max (min) checkbox and enter the value.
  8. Select the Font, Size, Text Position, and Style options as necessary for the sequence.
  9. Click OK. You see the outline of your sequence number block on the Label Editor main screen.
  10. Drag the sequence block where you want the number to appear, then click to display it on your label.
  11. If you need to adjust the size, click and drag one of the green handles.
  12. To save your label project, click the Save icon, enter a file name, and click Save.
  13. Click the Print icon. You see a window like this:

  14. Select the number of copies of each label you want to print.
  15. Select the Paginate with Alphanumeric Sequence checkbox.
  16. Click OK to print.