Print-Paste Printing in Label Editor

You can create labels from imported data and select individual data fields or columns to print on separate labels. For example, instead of including the item name, code, and price on one label, you can create three separate labels, one for each item. This is called print-paste printing in Label Editor.
  1. Create or open a label project with imported data. You see a label with the layout you have selected.
  2. Select the layout window.
  3. Click the arrow under Print-Paste Printing(Multiply) on the left side of the screen.
  4. Select the number of labels you want to create from each existing label. You see an expanded area on the layout window, like this:

  5. Drag the import frames from the original label to the additional labels in the display window. You see your individual print-paste labels, like this:

  6. Click the Print icon. You see a window like this:

  7. Select the Set Print Range checkbox in the Print-Paste Printing section.
  8. Select the individual labels you want to print.
  9. To turn off collation when printing multiple copies, select the Print Order checkbox in the Print-Paste Printing section.
  10. Select additional print options as necessary.
  11. Click OK to print.
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