Starting Label Editor

After you have installed the Label Editor software and connected the printer to your computer, you can start using Label Editor.
  1. Double-click the Label Editor icon on your Windows Desktop. You see this window:

    Note: If you want to go directly to the main screen when you start Label Editor, check Do Not Display This Dialog at Startup.
  2. Select your printer and tape width, if necessary.
  3. Do one of the following and click OK (or click Cancel to go straight to the main Label Editor screen):
    • To start with a blank label, select Horizontal Text.
    • To create labels with text from a spreadsheet or other file, select Import (Horizontal Text).
    • To start with a ready-made label from the catalog, select Label Catalog.
    • To create an equipment management label or QR code label, select one of the Shortcut options.
    • To open a previously created label, select Open File and locate the file on your computer, or select View History and select from a list of existing labels.