Changing Label Format Settings

You can press the key to access the Edit menu, which lets you change various format settings. Some settings affect the entire label, and others can be applied to individual characters, lines, or blocks.
  1. Place the cursor in the specific line or block, or to the left of the individual character or characters you want to format.
  2. Press the key. You see the Edit menu.

  3. Use the key to scroll through the list of settings and press the key to select the one you want. You see the available options for that setting.
  4. Use the key to highlight the option you want and press the key to select it.
  5. If you see Area? on the display, use the key to highlight one of the following and press the key:
    • Character
    • Whole label
    • This line
    • This block
You see the selected formatting on the label preview.