Available Image Adjustments

You can select these options from the Image Adjustments tab in Epson Scan.

Note: Not all adjustment settings may be available, depending on the Image Type setting.

Select the Image Option checkbox to access additional settings.

Unsharp Mask
Makes the edges of certain image areas clearer. Turn off this option to leave softer edges.
Removes the ripple pattern that might appear in subtly shaded image areas, such as skin tones. This option improves results when scanning magazines or newspapers. (The results of descreening do not appear in the preview image, only in your scanned image.)
Text Enhancement
Sharpens the appearance of letters in text documents.
Auto Area Segmentation
Makes grayscale images clearer and text recognition more accurate by separating the text from the graphics.
The scan will not pick up the color you select. This setting is only available if you select an Image Type of Grayscale or Black & White.
Color Enhance
Enhances the red, green, or blue shades in the scanned image.
Adjusts the overall lightness and darkness of the scanned image.
Adjusts the difference between the light and dark areas of the overall scanned image.