Installing the Optional Paper Cassette Units

You can install up to three optional paper cassette units to provide more paper capacity. If you are using the optional cabinet, install the cabinet under the bottom of the cassette unit first.
  1. Turn off the product, and unplug the power cord and any connected cables.
    Warning: To avoid electric shock, make sure you unplug the power cord.
  2. Uninstall any optional cassette units already installed on the product.
    Note: To uninstall any optional cassette units, turn off the product, unplug the power cord, disconnect any cables, and follow the rest of these instructions in reverse.
  3. Remove the paper cassette unit from its packaging and remove any protective materials.
  4. Make sure you have all the items shown here:

  5. Remove the output tray and paper cassette from the product.

  6. Remove the paper cassette from the optional paper cassette unit.

  7. Stack all optional paper cassette units on top of each other and secure them to each other with the included screws.

  8. Lift up your product and gently lower it onto the paper cassette unit with the corners aligned. Secure the product to the paper cassette unit with the included screws using a screw driver.

    Warning: To lift the product, have two people hold it as shown here. Lifting from other areas may cause the product to fall or cause you to pinch your fingers when placing the product down.

  9. Secure the back of the paper cassette units to each other and to the product using the included brackets and screws.

  10. Insert a label into the holder indicating the paper size to be loaded in the paper cassette.

  11. Place the correct sticker on the cassette unit to indicate the cassette number.

  12. Connect the power cord and other connection cables, then plug in the product.
  13. Turn on the product.
  14. Pull out and reinsert the paper cassette in the optional paper cassette unit to confirm the cassette unit is displayed on the Paper Setup screen.
  15. Enable the optional paper cassette units in the printer software.
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