Extended Settings - Epson Universal Print Driver - Windows

You can select from these settings on the Extended Settings window.

Printer Control Language
Lets you select the printer control language.
Graphics Mode
Lets you select the mode by which to output PDL commands to the product.
TrueType Font
Lets you select how you want to print TrueType fonts.
Offset Settings
Lets you make fine-tune adjustments to the print position of data on your printout.
Skip Blank Page
Ensures that your product does not print pages that contain no text or images.
Always Spool RAW Datatype
Increases print speed and may solve other printing problems.
Print as Bitmap
Increases print speed when printing is extremely slow or the print head stops during printing, and other settings do not help.
Refine screening pattern
Prints graphics with a finer screening pattern.
Always Use the Driver's Paper Source Setting
Prints using the paper source setting in the printer driver, rather than the setting in your application.
Uses the collate settings specified in the application
Prints using the collate setting in your application.
Page Rendering Mode
Increases print speed when printing is extremely slow or the print head stops during printing.
Collate Using Printer Driver
Prints and collates multi-page documents using the printer driver. Deselect this checkbox to use the product to collate your print jobs instead. (This setting is automatically enabled if there is not enough memory on the product to collate your print job.)
Output 1 page documents facedown in 2-Sided mode
Outputs single-sided pages in a 2-sided print job facedown instead of faceup.
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