Epson Universal Print Driver Locked Setting Options

Select the options you want to use for any locked print settings.

Setting Options Description
Watermark Various text watermarks Lets you select the text for the watermark or prohibit watermarks
Add/Delete Lets you add or delete a customized text or image-based watermark
Lets you select the size, position, color and other watermark settings
Header/Footer Off Prohibits headers or footers
On Allows headers and footers
Settings Lets you select the text and position for printing headers and footers
Color Color Allows color printing
Grayscale Allows printing in black or shades of gray only
2-sided printing Off Allows printing on only one side of the paper
On Allows printing on both sides of the paper
Multi-Page Off Prohibits multi-page settings
2-Up Allows printing of 2 pages on one sheet of paper
4-Up Allows printing of 4 pages on one sheet of paper
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